Investing in health and wellness programs for your staff leads to healthier and happier employees. When employees are happy and healthy, it boosts overall morale and increases productivity.

health & Wellness

Escape to the cool hills of Manchester for a one-day immersive health and wellness experience. Includes workout sessions, talks and healthy, nutritious meals.


Book one-on-one sessions with Patrice as a reward for your high-performing staff or management team.

fitness training

Have an gym or workout space at your office? We can arrange workout sessions for your staff in your preferred space.

Health &
wellness talks

Mental health, physical health and proper nutrition are equally important to your team's overall wellbeing. I offer seminar talks and workshops to help guide your team in the right direction.

online Group

Can't make it to on-site sessions? No problem. We can reserve a few spots for your team in our weekly online bootcamps, or create a session just for your staff!

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