At my heaviest, I weighed 210 pounds. I tried every diet imaginable and nothing worked. It wasn't until I achieved the right state of mind that I saw results.

now I help my clients to do the same.

As someone who once struggled with losing weight, I went through a lot of insecurities and depression about how I looked. I tried every fad diet, did liposuction, all the quick fix plans. They worked, but only for a little while. I'd lose the weight but it would just keep coming back.

In 2015, something changed. i started to focus on my mind first, instead of my body. And that made all the difference.

My lifestyle changed completely. Instead of trying to be skinny, I got healthy. I worked on improving my mental and emotional health, on eating right and making exercise an important part of my life. That's when the weight came off and stayed off. And that's when I knew that helping people like me is what I was meant to do.

As part of my personal fitness journey, I became an avid runner and began competing in marathons. This challenged me to keep pursuing new goals and kept me driven and motivated.

I've ran over 22 marathons internationally and over 60 half marathons. For the past 9 years, I have successfully completed 30 of the grueling Spartan obstacle race series.

Even when not competing, I find ways to challenge myself and push my limits. To celebrate my 38th birthday, I aimed to run 380 miles in a month - I ended up running 440 miles. For my 39th birthday, I ran 39 miles in a single night. My mind keeps finding creative new barriers because I know deep down that I am strong enough to break them. That is why I preach that fitness isn't just physical - it's about having the mental strength to push through when your body feels like quitting.

Being healthy goes far beyond being physically fit, which is why I partner with brands to help them spread the message of living a holistic healthy lifestyle through physical movement, a well-balanced diet and a consistent focus on mental health.

"Patrice is extremely passionate about her work in the field of health and fitness and takes her role as Brand Ambassador very seriously. From conceptualisation to execution, she is intimately involved in every stage to add value as she ensures that the client’s experience is of the utmost quality."

- Annette Atkinson, Senior Manager - Group Branding & Communications, Guardian Group

I am committed to motivating and inspiring others to become the best version of themselves.

Since 2016, I've worked with clients in more than 55 countries across the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia to help them meet their fitness goals. Whether live, in studio, or at home, whether through one-on-one sessions or in our group bootcamps, you can be assured that you will get the personalized attention you need to get to the fitness level you desire.

My #DynamicLifestyle program is nothing like a diet or a simple fitness routine. It doesn’t end when class ends. It’s a complete holistic lifestyle change. Along with physical fitness, we tackle nutritional, mental and emotional concerns and habits that affect your ability to get to where you want to be.

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